9th World Salsa Championships Mar 2020


Entry to one or more of this year's competition categories below requires purchase of minimun Saturday & Sunday parties (HK$330 or RMB300) which includes World Championships and Championships Presentation Ceremony.

E-mail your payment record, music file (mp3 file preferred) along with your full name, country you are representing and  competition category / categories to BEFORE FEBRUARY 18th.
(please go to payment tab to see how to make payment)



  • Men only
  • Ladies only


  • Salsa Couple
  • Bachata Couple


The suggested length of the routine is between 1.5 to 3 mins. Maximum Length is 3 mins. (Length of dance over 3 mins may incur penalty from the judges. You may check with the organizers regarding the length of music you will use if unsure of whether or not it may incur penalty).


The couples are expected to have one prepared and choreographed routine for the competition. The choreography can be danced on selected breaks which should be consistent throughout your routine. Routines must ideally reflect the following where applicable (eg Solo competitions will obviously not reflect Turn Patterns etc): Turn Patterns , Open Shines/ Footwork, Floorcraft, Dance Technique, Musicality. Tricks, dips, and lifts are also permitted. 


Judges for the World Salsa Championships (HK) at the sole discretion of the Competition Director. Any interpretation of any aspect of these Rules and Regulations or any decision involving any other aspect of the competition will be rendered by the Competition Director and the Head Judge of the Panel, if one is appointed.  The Committee will render a judgment in an effort to ensure that the competition proceeds in a manner consistent with the general spirit and goals of the competition. Any person(s) that do not adhere to the terms and procedures of these “Rules and Regulations” will be subject to disqualification from the competition and will automatically forfeit any right to any awards presented by the competition. In the event of any dispute, a written letter must be provided to us before final decision is made by the Competition Director and the Head Judge of the Panel (if one is appointed).. 


Dancers entering to the competition have to have residency or nationality in the country they are representing. If dancers in couple or teams hold  residency in different countries then they can choose to represent one of those countries or a combination of both (maximum 2 chosen) countries.  


All competitors are required to have valid tickets to gain access to all Hong Kong Salsa Festival events (i.e. night parties, workshops, performance and competition events when competitors are not competing). If at any time competitors pulled out from the competition, No refund will be made. 

* Minimum 2 entries required by registration deadline to proceed with a particular competition category


Showmanship & Appearance:
Costume, hair, make-up, presentation, exposure, projection, stage presence and attitude. How professional did the performer(s) appear? Was interaction with the audience and a positive reaction achieved?

Lead and follow, unity between partners, couple interaction. Did the couple show true lead and follow technique or was each dancer just executing steps on their own? Were the couple(s) able to show true connection and interaction with each other? 

Choreography & Musicality:
Originality and creativity, use of new and distinct steps or moves, level of difficulty, musicality, complexity. Was the genre of music appropriate? How difficult and original was the choreography? How well did the performer(s) interpret the music (mood, accents, breaks, etc.)? 

Technique & Execution:
Balance, grace and the quality of the movements of the choreography. How good was the technique and movements? For example, was there good dance technique, balance in spins, good basic step technique? How well was the routine executed? Was the routine performed flawlessly? 

Timing & Rhythm:
Precision, time and perseverance used to execute the dance. Dancers must start and continue their dance on the count that they start on.  Was proper timing and rhythm maintained? Was dynamic changes in movements while staying in the correct timing showed ? 

Star quality!  


The Judges will use  the Judging Criteria as guidelines for their scoring of points for competitors. A score of 1 point (the lowest) to 10 points (the highest) will be awarded by each Judge as soon as your performance is finished. Half marks in the judges scoring is allowed..In case of a tie, the judges may cast votes as a tie-breaker. The organizer may choose whether or not to waive this option.


All top 3 placings in each competition category will receive medal, certificate during the presentation ceremony with the winners also receiving trophy.

The organizer reserves the rights to make any changes without further notice.