HK Salsa Festival

18th Hong Kong Salsa Festival & 8th World Salsa Championships March 8 - 10, 2019

2019.3.8 - 2019.3.10 HKSF memories
2019.3.8 - 2019.3.10 HKSF memories



Dear all,

With the love, support and participation of many people, some present at the event and others working in the background to make it so,  the dream of 18th Hong Kong Salsa Festival was realized.

Thanks to the Eternal One for all things.

Thanks to all previous organizers, artists, attendees, helpers, well wishers of Hong Kong Salsa Festival for all the years which has lead to this 18th anniversary event.

Thank you our super 18th anniversary participating......

VENUES: Levels, Picada, A&B, Dance Culture

DJS: Ralph Riley, Kevin, JB, Gia, Eric Charpentier, Shirley HK Bachata, Joanna Tao

Team HKSF: Rebecca Mak Mak, Christele Fock Claire Chow,  Yuki Ho, Hosni Zafrullah, Claire Chan, Shanika, Anna Cheung, Claire Chow, Laura Layfield, Peggy

Championship Judges: Cecilia Farkas Cecília, AW Dancer Agustin Williams, Vito Ranieri, Stefania Errede

Additional support: Fabiola De Felip(Photos byFab), Christina Cat Ng, Shirl LE, JacQui Jac, Morgan Cousin, Sunil Gurung PicadaHk Management & Staff & Jimmy Salsa,  Li Cherry, Yuka.

Int'l Artists: Madan Kumar, Agustin Williams, Marcos Fonseca & Alina Ruan, Alex Alberola & Laura, Vito & Stefania

Championships Competitors: Alyssa Chriqui, Madan Kumar, Vivian Niu Yue

Supporting Schools : Wafa Abdelmoula & Freddy Bellon of Metis Dance Society, Fun4U Productions, BOHK, DanceMos , A-Dance Studio

Special guest show: Ella Jauk Hong Kong Team , Antimo Russo & Sherman Mosquito, A-Dance Guangzhou, Vivian & Zhuhai Q5 Salsa Club,  Ponchong Kong & Christopher Polanco of Tropishow , Mr & Mrs Jim

Supporters: HK Tourism Board, Govt of HKSAR

Special thanks to Joanna T, Ralph Riley, Franky Wong & Chris Wong.

Thank you lovely Hong Kong Salsa dance community for your support of our very own Salsa Festival to the World.

Let's Dance again at 2020 Hong Kong Salsa Festival in the 2nd week of March, 2020



Joseph & Rita Ennin

(Directors of Hong Kong Salsa Festival)