Vito and Stefania (Italy)

Vito and Stefania, Italy

Vito Ranieri and Stefania Errede, in art Vito y Stefania, are a 100% Italian Couple. Sabor, technique, musicality and creativity  characterize these two dancers. Vito y Stefania have worked and continued to work with national and international televisions, magazines, latin festivals and congresses and are constantly engaged in the show business, offering innovative shows and quality lessons.

With a sublime fusion of salsa new York style On2, Pachanga, and latin ballroom with a strong scenic presence and a lot of energy on the stage, Vito y Stefania travel all over the world teaching, performing and competing in countries like AUSTRALIA, USA, CHINA, KOREA, INDIA, United Arab Emirates, NEW ZEALAND, GREECE, TURKEY, SPAIN, GERMANY, FRANCE, LUXEMBOURG…etc

Winners of a lot of international competition , Vito y Stefania are:

-1° Runner up at “Asia Open Salsa Championships 2011” in Honk Kong, Cina.

-1° Place at “ European Salsa Championships 2009”

-1° Place at “ Rome Salsa Festival 2007”.

-1° Place at “ Rome Salsa Festival 2008”.

-1° Runner up at “ World Salsa Meeting”

-“World Salsa Championship 2009” in Miami-Usa,  Semi Finalist.

-“ 1° World Latin Cup in San Diego 2010”, Semi Finalist.

-1° Place at “Open Championship”” Alassio. 2001- L.B

-1 Place at “ World Superstar “ in Salsomaggiore  Terme – L.B

-1 Place at Italian Championship of Latin Ballroom Fids.  L.B

With their show “ PACHANGA BRONX “ and “ PACHANGA MIRAMARE” Vito y Stefania have Rocked all over the world, closing a lot of Congresses with their PACHANGA and on2  style.

Alex and Laura from Spain

Alex and Laura, Spain

Alex is the founder and Director of Ballroom Salsa Dance Company since late 2010, specializing in Bachatango and Sensual Bachata. He has received lessons from the most prestigious dancers all around the world and he has been dancer of the Adrian and Anita Amateur Dance Company and Acento Latino.

Laura starts working and dancing for Ballroom Salsa Dance Company since late 2013. She has dancing background in Classic, Jazz, Funky, Contemporary, Flamenco and Salsa. Laura has been a dancer for de Adrián and Anita Amateur Dance Company, among other musical companies.

Alex teach Bachata Sensual and Bachatango in Congresses and Festivals all around the world since 2010, being the precursor of Sensual Bachata and Bachatango in Catalonia with his previous partner Noemí Perez.

Nowadays, Alex and Laura travel all around the world with their show and giving workshops, being invited to be judges and organizers of several regional  Bachata competitions like Costa Daurada Bachata Festival, Bachata Open, Bachatastars, Street Bachata and Bachatarte. Alex has been judge as well for the Bachatastar European final in Oslo, World Latin Dance Cup in Limburg and World Bachata Masters. He is one of the regular judges for the International Bachatastars competiton.

Alex is also part of the board of AES (Spanish Association of Salsa), and is the international coordinator for Costa Daurada Bachata Festival and international coordinator for Bachatea Teams and Bachatstars International. He is also a federated teacher and dancer by the AEPBS (Spanish Ballroom Dance Federation), member of the WDC (World Dance Council).

Marcos (Brazil) & Alina (Guangzhou)

Marcos (Brazil) & Alina (Guangzhou)

Marcos, born in Rio de Janeiro has lived and taught in Madrid, New York, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh for many years. His diverse background includes Funk, Hip Hop as well as Zouk, Bachata, and Latin Rhythm Aerobic.

Alina is the Director of A Dance Art Centre in Guangzhou. A celebrated instructor, dancer and organizer of dance events in Guangzhou, Alina together with Marcos have been teaching Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk and more on local and international stage.

Sherman Chow (Hong Kong)

Sherman Mosquito (HK)

is a dance teacher, choreographer and performer based in Hong Kong. Sherman started dancing Ballet when she was 3 and performed her first solo when she was 8. She expanded her dance universe to Modern dance and Standard Latin in her teenage, and has been dancing professionally since she was 16, competing in Standard Latin and achieving numerous awards in the Standard Latin scene, including Champion of the year 2010.

Sherman discovered her passion for Salsa in 2008 and won the title of champion in Hong Kong Salsa Championships in 2010 and started teaching Salsa in 2011. She has been invited to perform and teach in different countries (Singapore, India, Guam, Thailand, China) and to perform in several TV shows and movies. In 2018, she won the title of champion in Hong Kong Salsa Championships, in the female solo category.

Antimo Russo (Italy)

Antimo Russo (Italy)

is the second generation of dancers in the Russo Family from Italy.He started Training and Competing in Ballroom and Latin Dancing at the age of 9. He was the winner and/or finalist in all Latin Dancing Italian Championships from Beginner to Professional Level. Antimo has been dancing and performing for over 20 years while he started his teaching and Show Directing career in 1997.In 2001, he started training in Argentine Tango and won the Italian Championship in 2002 & 2003.He was placed Second on the Argentine Tango World Ranking List (WDC-IDO).

Antimo is currently an International Latin Dancing and Argentine Tango lecturer and adjudicator in different countries. He works with different schools and organisations to educate and groom the younger generation dancers.He is also the Producer and Artistic Director of the famous musical production in Hong Kong – All Stars in Cabaret. 2014 -2015 Together with his parents Mr. Eugenio Russo and Ms. Diaco Concetta, who are also Ballroom and Latin dance teachers and adjudicators, they founded the famous Sirio Dance Studio in Italy in 1996 and created the ‘Boutique Dance Studio’ concept.The Hong Kong franchise – Sirio Dance Studio Boutique was opened in 2007 and has been providing Latin Dancing, Argentine Tango, Cuban Salsa, Smooth Ballroom Dancing and Contemporary Dancing to dance lovers in Hong Kong.

Agustin Williams (Congo / Spain)

Agustin Williams (Congo / Spain)

was born in 1979 in the Congo, since childhood he has dedicated himself to dance and over time he has made his life from it. 

Agustin Williams has knowledge of various African styles, classic, contemporary, Latin jazz, Cuban rumba, traditional Bachata, Salsa L.A. style and Mambo New York style with a mix of pachanga and afro.

Currently teaching in several Spanish cities... he has just opened its own dance academy specializing in mambo, being unique in Spain.

Madan Kumar (India)

Madan MADSTYLE (India)

One of the Asia’s Top Salsa Artist / Champion / Choreographer, 'MADSTYLE' as the name suggests is his creative exploration and an innovation of new age unique styling with Latin Fusion. He is the undefeated 4-times ‘ All India Salsa professional Champion ‘ and known for his powerful, sleek, creative and original choreography.

Madan Madstyle is the only Indian to rank 3rd in Salsa Professionals Category @World Salsa Championships 2015 ( Hong Kong ). He is the proud Founder / Owner of Madmax Academy of Dance (M.A.D)- Mumbai.

Madan strongly believes that every sound has a movement and every movement relates to a sound piece. It is his strong belief of precise movement-musicality bonding that laid the foundation for his exploration into fusion and innovation of new-age unique styling.

Invited to Teach / Perform at International Dance Festivals in TURKEY | DUBAI | SINGAPORE | HONG KONG | KOREA | TAIWAN.

Metis Dance Society (Tunisia & Hong Kong)
DJ Ralph (USA)

DJ Ralph,  aka Dj Chicagoman (Curacao/USA)

Ralph has established as one of the region's prominent Djs and has played at some of HK's most popular salsa nights as well as international events.

A regular in International festivals of Hong for many years and a true professsional with a passion to please dancers on the dance floor.

Get ready to dance to Dj Chicagoman's excellent selection of music for dancers.

DJ Gia (HK)

Dj Gia (Hong Kong)

Burst onto the HK Salsa scene, and straight in at the deep end covering some of Hong Kong's top salsa parties and the Legendary Hong Kong Salsa Festival.

Gia’s passion for music and dance began at a young age with her academic training in ballet and Chinese dance. Her passion for dance grew into other genres including Afro-Latin dance where she spent time in Cuba and Dominican Republic for further training and exposure.

Dj Gia is an accomplished dancer and has already demonstrated high professionalism during her Dj sets, mentored by Dj Chicagoman and music loving friends from the Americas.

Enjoy Dj Gia's 2nd and consecutive appearance at 2019 HK Salsa Festival.

DJ Kevin (Shanghai)

DJ Kevin Wolf, Shanghai

Salsa DJ / Dancer / Event Organizer from Shanghai. Started DJ Career since 2015. As a maniac salsa dancer, Kevin hopes to bring various types of salsa music to the dance floor, and let more people feel different auras under his music. Recently, Kevin is travelling around all cities in China with his DJ set, trying to promote high quality and danceable music to Chinese salsa community. He already made his presence in many major dance festivals in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, and Chengdu.


Salsa Dura / Latin Jazz / Romantica / Charanga / Boogaloo / Bachata Dominicana

DJ JB (Singapore)

DJ JB, Singapore

DJ JB also known as Jianbao from Singapore. Started DJ in Singapore in 2018 and made a huge debut in various Asia events. Mainly DJ as a Bachata DJ but do wells with Salsa in his repertoire. Resident DJ in Ziggyfeet dance studio


- Singapore Latin Etravaganza 2018

- Busan Salsa Bachata Festival 2018

- La salsa 11th anniversary @ Taiwan 2018

- Machweo Dance Festival 2018 @ Africa

- Shanghai Bachata Festival 2018

- KL new year eve party 2018

Joanna (Shanghai)

DJ Joanna (Shanghai / Hong Kong)

Dancer/Music Jockey based in Hong Kong, originally from Shanghai. She is one of the main organizers for David & Willy's Workshops during HKSF 2019 week. After travelled for so many big Latin festivals/workshops in China, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, London etc., Joanna looks forward to adding to the passion and good spirits of this international city's music and dance culture.

Joanna discovered her passion for dancing in a Latin bar back in Shanghai from a family visit in 2016. Her strong musical sense and unique taste in salsa/bachata music also led her to start playing music at Thursday salsa party in HK. Her music inspirations mostly are from El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, El Timba, Mambo Con Rumbo, Alexander Abreu etc.

Experience: Co-teach for bachata classes at Sunday Party in HK in 2017 and Party in Shenzhen; Resident MJ at Thursday parties in HK till now; Group performed Bersy’s Choreo in Shenzhen in 2018.


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